Here's an example analysis page:

  1. Have lobby host enable "Enable Workshop Inspector" and "Enable Workshop Inspector Log File" in their Gameplay Settings.
  2. Start lobby with code: (v0.5b)
    • Live: R0MNN
    • PTR: GQQP2
    • OPR: YQTBC
  3. After scrim, have the lobby host upload the latest log file(s) in your Overwatch Workshop folder (usually User/Documents/Overwatch/Workshop) to OverStat.
  4. Share the analysis link with your scrim partner!
  5. Join our Discord for updates and to fill out the alpha testing form for more features!

Upload Your Scrim Log(s)

Data Policy

  1. We securely store the logfiles, CSVs, and any data derived from them.
  2. We will NOT share or distribute any of this data.
  3. Each uploaded scrim generates a unique string, and this string is how that scrim is referenced. It is how it is shared with scrim partners as well.
  4. While we may want to collect aggregate statistics in the future, we would first discuss this, among other desired changes, with our users at length until a consensus is reached, if at all. OverStat is only useful with users.